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Can we talk about the fucking face Peter makes when Derek is mortally wounded?? When they approach Derek and Peter sees him, laying on the ground, a big wound on his side? And when Derek told them to go to save Scott, his face changed into one with literal sorrow. I mean, he might be the bad guy,…

Imagine if Derek was a total Star Wars fan this whole time…instant Sterek. INSTANT

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Okay, but Stiles looked back and if you don’t think that’s significant then you’re wrong.

→ Fic Rec: "I Surrender To The Strawberry Ice Cream" by jmtorres


Title: I Surrender to the Strawberry Ice Cream
Author: jmtorres

Summary: Stiles has moved in with a werewolf and his dad wants to know when he’s getting grandkids and Stiles and Derek haven’t even had sex. At least partially because Stiles never got around to asking what exactly their relationship is.


can someone change that edit with the dead pool cipher key to bring instead of stiles’s reaction to seeing Derek’s name we have stiles from 4.12 when he looked so pained and thought he was seeing Derek for the last time pls I would but I can’t make edits but pease someone do that’
You mean something like this:


Yeah that’s actually a great idea but as you can see I obviously have no skill either. But if someone wants to have a go at it, please do